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Bow the very bonny 12-year-old Kerry Blue came to see Sarah as her owners had become very concerned about a lump that was growing on the back of her front leg. The lump had been present for a few months but had not been responsive to medical treatment from a previous vet and they worried that Bow’s leg may need amputating.

The lump was 12cm x 10cm x 7cm and was firmly attached to the tissues below, it looked to have originally come from the stopper pad but due to the size was now difficult to assess the extent of the infiltration without advanced imaging. The ulceration was causing the mass to smell and become irritant to Bow who thought it was quite nice to lick.

The owner’s main aim was to try and give Bow the best possible quality of life and try to retain the function of the limb. Masses in this area can be spread locally or spread to other areas and the chance of getting the lump off in its entirety would be highly unlikely leaving the chance of recurrence very high.

Once Sarah and the owners had discussed all the possibilities and what was most suitable for Bow and the owners, we elected to proceed with a debulking procedure but knowing that the area may not close due to the deficit of skin to the area.


Immediate post-operative photos show that this came together better than expected but due to the degree of change present and the tension on the wound that some degree of breakdown was to be expected.

Jess, our dedicated nurse, has a real interest in wound management and diligently monitored and managed the wound. Despite getting an area of breakdown as expected using manuka dressings, saline an

d anti-septic bathing along with careful wound management the wound went on to make a full recovery!

Bow’s owners were fantastic at monitoring for any changes of the wound and ensuring Bow came for regular check-ups until the wound had healed. Bow is now back to chasing the squirrels! The best news of all is, 5 months post-surgery, we have not had any signs of the mass coming back or any signs of spread.

We think the body is quite amazing in its capacity to heal, and with the right tools and commitment from both our knowledgeable team and dedicated owners this was a fabulous outcome for Bow.