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We are delighted to be one of only a few hundred practices across the country to be awarded Rabbit Friendly Status (19.06.2019).

This award recognises our commitment to giving rabbits the specific care and attention they need.

Both Sarah and Alex have received extra training in rabbit care and are members of the Rabbit Welfare Association.

To make sure a visit to see us is as stress-free as possible for your rabbit (and therefore you!) we have designed the practice with rabbits in mind. We are lucky to have lots of bunnies visiting us, so we have lots of experience, and we love to see them.

Woolton Veterinary Centre - Rabbit2

We are strong believers in prevention rather than cure.

We encourage all our clients to vaccinate against diseases such as Myxomatosis and Viral Haemorrhagic Disease every year, use Rearguard to prevent flystrike during the warmer months and to have regular check-ups to make sure everything is ok.

If your bunny does need to spend some time with us, we have a separate kennelling area to make sure they aren’t scared by larger animals that would generally be predators in the wild, and therefore be frightening for them. Being stressed is not only unpleasant for your rabbit but can also hinder recover from surgery, so we try to keep them as happy as possible.

If your rabbit needs surgery, we keep them nice and warm during and after surgery. We also use particular anaesthetics and ways of monitoring bunnies under anaesthesia to make sure the surgery is as safe as possible.

We are highly experienced in rabbit neutering and routine rabbit dental operations, so you can rest assured that we will give your bunny the best care around.

To offer even more reassurance and to make life easier for you, we offer a rabbit-specific preventative healthcare plan for just £9 a month.

Once your bunny becomes a Woolton VIP, we’ll make sure they have year-round protection from disease and seasonal problems such as flystrike, as well as check-ups every six months. Members also get great discounts on other key preventative healthcare that your rabbit might need throughout the year.

Membership includes all of these benefits:

  • Initial vaccine course and booster each year of both Myxo-RHD and RHD 2 vaccines

  • Annual health check

  • Unlimited nurse nail clips

  • 2 Bottles of Rearguard and application with a nurse

  • 6-month vet health check

  • Microchip

  • 10% off ALL consultations

  • 10% off Dentals

  • 10% off Food

  • 10% off Neutering

Woolton Very Important Pet Health Plan

You can join the plan and start benefitting (and saving!) today.

Click Below to read more and join online

Join the W.V.I.P Club

To book an appointment for your rabbit and talk about how best to care for them, please call the practice on 0151 428 8600, and we’ll book you in.

We’d love to see you and your rabbit!