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The formation of the lovely Pyro’s deciduous or baby teeth.

We had an interesting case with us recently. This is the lovely Pyro, he came to us for a consultation regarding the formation of his deciduous or baby teeth.

Dogs and cats grow a set of deciduous (baby) teeth which are replaced with adult teeth just like humans, this process takes place from 4 to 7 months of age. In Pyro’s case, his two deciduous canine teeth on his lower jaw were misaligned, which resulted in the teeth pressing into the hard palate on the roof of his mouth and locking his bottom jaw from growing correctly.

After consultation with Sarah, the decision was made to remove these two canine teeth under general anaesthesia to prevent any further damage to the roof of his mouth and hope to allow his adult teeth to grow through correctly.

With Pyro’s procedure we had the rare opportunity to take some x-rays of his lower jaw, using our fabulous dental x-ray machine, so we could see his adult teeth in development underneath the gumline (circled in the pictures below). The pictures below also show the actual size of Pyro’s deciduous teeth including the root below the gumline!!

The operation was a complete success and Pyro made a full recovery within a few hours of the procedure!!! He even was happily chomping away on some biscuits with the team before he went home!!

Pyro will need to follow up to check his adult teeth grow through correctly but we hope with early intervention to give him a Hollywood smile.

If you have any questions regarding puppies or kittens and their teeth development please let us know.

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In this picture, you can see where Pyro’s bottom canines were pressing into his hard palate.
In this picture, you can see how Pyro’s teeth are misaligned and pressing into his hard palate.
In this picture, the highlighted area shows the adult teeth developing under the gumline for eruption in a few months.
In this picture, the arrows show the areas where the deciduous teeth were removed compared to the x-ray above.
This picture shows how the deciduous tooth is presented in the mouth, the black line represents the gumline and the part of the tooth that is visible within the mouth.
A very happy Pyro!!

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